There are many real estate agents in the industry. Some skills distinguish an excellent real estate agent from the rest. Here are the qualities of an excellent real estate agent.

Good communication skills

An agent should be able to foster open communication with their clients. They should be very clear in their interactions and be ready to answer any questions that arise. They should inform their clients on the progress either through phone calls, emails or even text messages. In case they are not able to answer a client’s phone call they should always ensure to call back.


Most clients get real estate agents based on referrals either from family, friends or colleagues. As a real estate agent, you should put every effort to improve your level of professionalism. Keep yourself on track with all information in the industry to avoid being caught unaware. Treat every client you get well, and they will bring you the next client.

Reliable marketing strategy

For a house to sell, you as a real estate agent should ensure that marketing is done most professionally. Hire the services of a professional photographer to take good photos of the property. Also, adopt social media as your top marketing tools. With its billions of users, you can reach more people in the world. Also, arrange for open houses for potential buyers to come and see with the hope of bonding with the property.

Portray empathy

Most people will spend every resource they have to find an excellent real estate agent. As an agent, you have to put your clients’ needs first. As a result, you are required to identify with them as well as understand their expectations. When you can put yourself in someone’s shoes, you easily win their respect and trust. They are also attentive to detail and can notice and keep in mind those things that are important to you.

Knowledge of the market

A right sales agent has information regarding their market, especially in their local areas. They know the history of the community, properties and the market trends at large. They will, therefore, be able to help you list your property during the right time. It is when the home is likely to sell quickly. They are also able to help value your home and put the right price on it.


Top real estate agents should have a high degree of self-motivation. As a result, they can go the extra mile to give you the best services. They surround themselves with self-discipline and as much information as they can. They attend real estate workshops that help them network. They also portray honesty and integrity in their work.

Bottom line

As a real estate agent, just like any other career, you are going to face lots of competition. You will have to put lots of effort to separate yourself from the rest. To stand out, you should apply all these qualities and above all portray a sense of self-motivation. Remember a great agent puts the needs of their clients before their own.